WSCC Midweek Pigeon Racing, Online Auctions & Live Racing Results

Welcome to the official website of the West of Scotland midweek racing pigeon club who’s members lofts are situated in and around the region of Ayrshire on the West coast of Scotland. Our members enjoy midweek training and racing from short distances of 30 miles up to 100 miles. Basketing, evaluation, administration and all the club racing results are automatically calculated and viewed LIVE online when using the latest Benzing electronic timing touch-screen pigeon clocks and the resulting online platform “My Pigeons” free to use, from : Benzing

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West of Scotland Midweek Club Young Bird Race from Walkerburn 65 miles – Aug 22

The race programme for 2024, members information, and LIVE racing results are available from our members page : WSCC Members. Please note that training will be, £5 per crate of 25 birds for members. Non members will be required to pay a fee of £15 per loft if entering any of our open races.