The WSCC, abbreviated for “West of Scotland Championship Club” is a privately owned midweek racing pigeon club and is run by Jim Savage and his elected management team. The club operates under the constitution and guidance of the Royal Pigeon Racing Association. RPRA No. CA110.

The club is sponsored by Benzing of Austria of which Jim Savage is the UK agent. : BENZING

WSCC, Benzing UK and Pigeons Online are all business trading names belonging to, the company : “Abbeyton Group Limited”.


For the season 2024 the midweek club has 24 members, who’s racing lofts are situated in and around the region of Ayrshire and Dumbartonshire on the West coast of Scotland.

The members enjoy weekly midweek training and racing of their pigeons from short distances of 30 miles up to open races of 100 miles.


Using the latest touch-screen timing systems, smart-hub technology and results platform from BENZING the members receive “LIVE”, instant notifications to their mobile devices of basketing, liberations, arrivals, evaluation and the result of every training and racing event that they participate in with the club.

“Our race administration is easy and done online”.


We have introduced an online AUCTION facility to our website which allows the club to stage club fund raising and other charitable fund raising events.


Members and new customers can make a request to use the AUCTION platform or SHOP to sell their own pigeons or other related products for private reasons or for their club funding requirements.

Use the contact details at the foot of the page to get in touch with us at “Abbeyton Group Limited“, for more information and costs on the pigeons online auction and other services available.


The aim of the WSCC is to give its members the communal enjoyment and much needed support to continue and remain in the sport of racing pigeons for as long as their health will allow.

Since we have no club premises, the members basket their pigeons “LIVE” at our purpose built Geraldy trailer and the basketing sheets, liberations, arrivals and results are all connected to their cloud account and instantly transmitted to their mobile devices.

The ideal scenario for the club is to have, not some but ALL its members kitted out with this new modern smart technology timing system from Benzing.

Our aim, by carrying out pigeon sales, auctions and giving donations, is to raise as much money as possible to give the needed financial support to those less fortunate senior fanciers and help the younger members to kit out their pigeon lofts with the latest Benzing smart timing equipment.

Your support in helping the club with moving forward is greatly appreciated. If you can please pledge a small donation or take part in any of our fund raising pigeon auctions or fund raising events.

Many thanks for your kindness, every penny helps.