Blue No.1 Supplement

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Benzing unique Blue No.1 solution is a ground breaking supplement that may have a positive impact in boosting the immunity and performance of your racing pigeons. Greatly saves time and the need for multiple products.


The Benzing Blue No.1 is an antioxidant liquid, natural supplement feed that has been specially developed for the demanding environment of One Loft Races. With just one powerful solution, mixed daily into the water or feed, you may be able to see multiple benefits within just a few days.

Shinier feathers – Rosier skin – Increased energy – Better appetite – Better droppings – Faster recovery.

Can lower bacteria quickly and naturally, with a gentle effect.
May build stronger pigeons with a quicker recovery time.
Can stimulate a pigeon’s own natural resistance and resilience.
May have a positive effect to peak flying performance and may reduce down-time.
Can reduce the need for conventional medicines.


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